Sunday, August 7, 2011

Red Carpet Soiree

Who hasn't dreamed of taking that fabulous slow motion walk down "the red carpet", with lips pursed to pout perfection, dripping in designer duds? Ok, ( bear with me here gentlemen readers) who says you have to be at a swanky award show or movie premiere to bring that fantasy to life?
You, my friends, are about to lay your eyes on the Savviest of Savvy Soirees. I introduce to you now, the product of the click flash of paparazzi, at the Red Carpet Soiree at Cabana Simpson's. That's right, you guessed it!  You can hire the ladies of All Things Savvy to plan your very own Red Carpet Soiree, limousine and all. Imagine the awe on your friends pretty little faces when they arrive at your Savvy Digs and are given the opportunity to take that most desirable jaunt down the red carpet. With paparazzi on hand, this memorable moment will be captured in time for each willing guest. Oh wait... Need we mention?  This event is, of course, invitation only.

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